Clippers Tickets As Low As $9 Against Denver As Team Approaches 50 Wins

The Los Angeles Clippers are one of the more interesting teams heading into the final month of the regular season. They’re destined to be a 50+ win team and could lock up a top-four seed out West, yet they don’t seem to get nearly enough respect. Despite dealing with injuries to both Blake Griffin and Jamal Crawford, Lob City hasn’t just stayed afloat – they’ve thrived. There are still some concerns about their overall depth and defensive consistency, but there is still an argument to be made for a deep playoff run.

Everything should sort out by the time postseason play rolls around, but for now the Clippers appear to be an underrated playoff team. They are also hitting their stride at the perfect time and could continue on to close out a strong April. Let’s see just how strong they might finish the year as we take a look at their cheapest and most expensive games at the Staples Center over the final month.

Most Expensive – 4/5/2015 vs. Los Angeles Lakers | Avg: $220.04 | Get-in: $35 | Staples Center parking: $3.30

The most expensive Los Angeles Clippers tickets left on the schedule is technically a road clash with the hated Lakers, but also still operates as a home game since the two Los Angeles-based teams share the Staples Center. While this isn’t the rivalry it was just a few years ago thanks to the one-sided nature, it is still a matchup that should yield plenty of scoring.

The Clips have hung 232 total points on the Lakers in two wins this year, with this game giving fans the first of a back-to-back set between these two bitter rivals within a three-day span. The Lakers aren’t likely to take the Clippers down in either affair, but fans should enjoy fast-paced action and some competitive play in the first half of both games. Jeremy Lin and Jordan Clarkson could spice things up a bit, but regardless of what the Lakers bring to the table, they won’t be able to handle Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan down low. Fans can bank on a big win here as the Clippers rev up for a strong finish through the rest of April.

Cheapest – 4/13/2015 vs. Denver Nuggets | Avg: $92.77 | Get-in: $9 | Staples Center parking: $3.30

That strong finish includes a likely win over the Nuggets in L.A.’s final home game of the year. Despite this being the final regular season game at the Staples Center and the Nuggets being a worthy offensive-minded opponent, fans are getting a major deal with Clippers tickets coming in just under $93 on average. Considering fans usually have to pay over $220 to see the Clips live, this could go down as one of their better values of the season.

Denver should still be rolling out Ty Lawson and milking all they can out of Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler, which could make the Nuggets a tough matchup offensively. Denver has almost no resistance down low defensively, though, so the Clippers should have their way in the end as they close out their 2014-15 home schedule with a big win.

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